Prof. Jen'nan Read | Howard D. Johnson Award

April 22, 2020
Jen'nan Read

Howard D. Johnson Award

Jen'nan Read, Sally Dalton Robinson Professor, Sociology

From colleagues: “Professor Read’s undergraduate teaching ability comes through clearly in these two courses, in which she encourages hands-on learning by requiring students to engage in group fieldwork projects in Durham that identify ways in which social factors shape racial and ethnic health disparities in our community. In both classes, she has also introduced innovative techniques such as flipped classrooms and small-group problem-solving exercises, while providing a clear course structure and individual attention. ”

“Jen’nan is consistently mentioned among students as one of their favorite professors within sociology. This is impressive because some of these students are not even sociology majors, but rather students coming from the natural sciences to take courses in medical sociology.”


From students: “One of the kindest, smartest, most caring and interesting professors I have had at Duke.”

“Professor Read is an exceptional professor – she makes learning enjoyable and takes the time to get to know her students. I appreciate the enthusiasm and passion she has for the subject."