Online Summer Workshop

Islamicate Digital Humanities: TEI XML for Arabic-Script Texts

Hugh Cayless (Duke Libraries, Duke University, and TEI) and Adam Mestyan (History Department, Duke University) advertise a short Zoom workshop (two meetings) to teach methods of digital markup of Arabic script in Textual Encoding Initiative models for graduate students, postdoctoral scholars, and researchers who work with right-to-left Arabic-script texts (in Arabic, Ottoman, Persian, etc.).

There will be a dedicated website with some helpful materials. The course includes two two-hour long sessions during which attendees learn:

1) the logic of encoding and reasons for digital editions

2) how to use Oxygen XML Editor and Github  

3) challenges and solutions of marking up Arabic texts

4) visualization possibilities for machine readable Arabic texts

At this time, the course is limited to ten students. The course is free of charge. Thanks to SyncRO Soft’s sponsorship, participants will receive an additional, free, one-month extension to the free one-month trial license for the Oxygen XML Editor software.

If there is interest the organizers may advertise another occasion later. The Duke Middle East Studies Center manages the applications. Please send a one-page CV and one paragraph describing your interest to by 1 June. Applicants will be notified by 10 June.


22 June Tuesday and 24 June Thursday, 2021

10 am – 12 pm EST = 4 pm - 6 pm CET