• Promoting knowledge and understanding about the constructed geographical region known as the Middle East. We do this through teaching, research, language training, study abroad, K-12 education, and community service. Our aim is to dispel myths, clichés, stereotypes, and misunderstandings about the region, its cultures, and its peoples.

• Fostering learning about the Middle East through different disciplinary lenses such as Anthropology, Cultural Studies, Economics, Gender Studies, History, International Comparative Studies, Law, Literature, Public Policy, Political Science, Religious Studies, and Sociology. Asian and Middle East Studies offers minors, majors, and a graduate certificate in Middle East Studies.

• Training students in Arabic, Hebrew, Persian, and Turkish so that they can not only converse with and listen to people from the region, but also read, write, and conduct research in those languages.

• Giving students hands on experience in the cultures, languages, literatures, and politics of the region through study abroad, Duke Engage, research service learning, and field research opportunities.