Middle East Studies with Dr. Zachary Lockman

April 5, 2017


On February 23rd, 2017, Zachary Lockman, professor of History at NYU, spoke at Duke, presenting his new book Field Notes: The Making of Middle East Studies in the United States and discussing the importance of area studies and middle east studies overall. While at Duke, Lockman also participated in a panel on the depiction of Islam in the West and on modern-day interactions between the Middle East and the United States together with Charles Kurzman of UNC and Adam Mestyan of Duke.

In this video, Lockman discusses the intellectual worth of studying the Middle East. "People working on the middle east across a range of disciplines are right there on the cutting edge of all sorts of intellectual currents engaging with their colleagues from around the world, and breaking down intellectual and geographic boundaries," said Lockman.

Lockman's visit was sponsored by the Duke University Center for International and Global Studies, Jewish Studies, Cultural Anthropology, the Department of History, and the Duke University Middle East Studies Center.