Louis Yako Receives Graduate Certificate in Middle East Studies

May 20, 2017

The Duke-UNC Consortium of Middle East Studies issued Louis Yako (Duke, Cultural Anthropology) a Graduate Certificate in Middle East Studies before a gathering of Duke and UNC-Chapel Hill faculty. In his dissertation, "Bullets in Envelopes: Iraqi Academics in Exile," Louis analyzed Iraqi academics forced to leave their homes and find work in London, Amman, and Kirkuk. His work included a detailed analysis of the role of education in shaping Iraqi identity. He discovered that the most difficult experience was to work in Kurdistan because of the mandate to speak Kurdish. He summarized that it had become difficult to be Iraqi in Iraq.

Graduate students whose research involves the Middle East may pursue a certificate in Middle East Studies concurrently with their degree coursework. If you are a graduate student interested in applying for a Graduate Certificate in Middle East Studies, please see our guidelines and application.