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Black Muslims in the Arts


Soloyman Idris

Kitab ul-Shihab called A Book of Comets is an operative appendix to Solayman Idris's metapolitical "Times of the Signs Trilogy." This unique study employs primary Arabic, Hebrew, Greek, and Hieroglyphic sources on Near East and greater Mediterranean & African meteorite veneration. The study traces Stone & Bronze Age weaponization of meteoritic iron through to the Khemetic, Biblical, Quranic, and Andalusian periods. "Aerolith & Black Box" is sure to grip the imagination through its theorization of original Yoruba lexicography, Theocene Calendars, and contemporary verticalities. Soloyman Idris pens for online and academic journals and lectures in the Middle East, the Caribbean and the United States. He is editor of the small press Lumifont Scriptorium and author of The Sunrise in the West, StarLogic, and Dusk Orientalis.