Duke-UNC Consortium Faculty Grants

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Faculty Small Grants Program – Academic Year 2020-2021

Please note: Due to travel restrictions associated with COVID-19, faculty research travel grants will not be offered this year. Instead, they will be replaced with Collaborative Online International Learning (COIL) grants. See below for further details.

With support from the Title VI program of the U.S. Department of Education, the Duke-UNC Consortium for Middle East Studies (which includes the UNC Center for Middle East and Islamic Studies and the Duke University Middle East Studies Center) is pleased to offer the following grants: 

Course Development Grants (Duke & UNC):

A small pool of several thousand dollars is available to develop new courses focused on the Middle East and/or Islam. Special preference will be given to the following proposals:

  • Faculty creating graduate level courses or upgrading an undergraduate level course with graduate content;
  • Courses designed to serve student populations that are underrepresented in Middle East studies; or
  • Courses that connect Duke and UNC students.

Other proposal will also be welcomed and considered.

Courses are to be offered at least twice during a period of two years, starting in Fall 2021. The deadline for interested faculty is November 6, 2020. Please submit your course proposal (1-3 pages), a budget estimate, and your CV in a single PDF document to Shai Tamari at tamari@unc.edu (UNC applicants) or to Griffin Orlando at griffin.orlando@duke.edu (Duke applicants). Please note that these funds must be expended by August 1, 2021.

 Collaborative Online International Learning (COIL) Grants (Duke, UNC, and Durham Tech):

A small pool of several thousand dollars is available to develop and lead collaborative online international learning activities in Spring 2021.

Course-based international dialogue and exchanges will take on elevated importance this coming year. In a time of travel restrictions, the opportunity to be in conversation with faculty and their students at other institutions will be all the more meaningful.

The Middle East or Islam-related course-based exchange should entail more than a few guest-lectures.  Rather, students taking the class would have an organized opportunity to meet other students, engage in dialogue, and potentially have a moment to compare their work or collaborate in some way with those they meet through the exchange.

The funding could be spent as a stipend to support a faculty member’s time in course design, pay for learning materials, and/or support a faculty’s participation in workshop or other training.

Emma Harver, the Consortium’s Outreach Director, has experience in such virtual exchanges. She will be able to provide guidance for those interested.

Interested applicants should submit the following:

1.      1-2 page description, which should include: Name of proposed partner institution and faculty member, and proposed activities

2.      Budget

3.      Current course syllabus to be modified

The deadline for applications is November 6, 2020. The above is to be submitted in a single PDF document to Shai Tamari at tamari@unc.edu (UNC applicants), to Griffin Orlando at griffin.orlando@duke.edu (Duke applicants) or to Shannon Hahn at hahns@durhamtech.edu (Durham Tech applicants). 

Language Instruction Training Grants (Duke, UNC, and Durham Tech):

A small pool of several thousand dollars is available to support Duke, UNC, and Durham Tech Middle East language instructors’ participation in pedagogical training programs in order to increase language teaching proficiency on our campuses. The grant will cover virtual workshop expenses of up to $1,000 per applicant.

For interested language instructors, please email Shai Tamari at tamari@unc.edu (UNC applicants), Griffin Orlando at griffin.orlando@duke.edu (Duke applicants), or Shannon Hahn at hahns@durhamtech.edu (Durham Tech applicants) expressing interest in the grant, the titles of the workshops you will participate in, and a budget estimate. A proposal and CV is not necessary. There is no deadline for this grant application. However, funds must be expended by August 1, 2021.