Duke Association for the Middle East (DAME)

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DAME seeks to build Duke student engagement with the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region's history, culture, and politics, as well as to connect students to Duke resources in service of that objective. DAME has three subdivisions to accomplish this. One focuses on inviting speakers--both lay and academic--to events open to the public, and organizes domestic and foreign conferences to foster international connections. The second works to connect students to research, service learning, and study opportunities in the MENA region, and also serves as a conduit for networking and career opportunities related to MENA. The final division is the Duke undergraduate journal on the Middle East: Juhood - https://juhoodmagazine.org/

DAME closely coordinates with the Asian & Middle Eastern Studies department, as well as all centers whose mission touches on issues relating to the Middle East.

Contact Information

Address - 2612 Erwin Road #2314

Durham, NC 27708 

Contact Email E: re77@duke.edu

Phone Number P781-927-8127