Documenting the Middle East Film Festival, Spring 2017

January 5, 2017

This film festival will screen 5 of the best recent documentary films that deal with the Middle East or Middle East issues, often accompanied with panel discussions. The screenings are at 7pm in the Richard White Auditorium on Duke's West Campus. All are free and open to the public!

January 17th, Censored Voices: Israeli ex-soldiers hear previously censored tapes of their 1967 selves recounting the triumphs and horror of the Six-Day War in which they fought. It comes together in a non-ideological look at the human costs of warfare.

February 2nd, Defiance: In July 2016, a Turkish night erupted into chaos as a small group of military leaders tried to seize power from a democratically elected president. This is a narrative of that night, told by those who fought in it and were touched by it.

February 23rd, On the Bride's Side: A Palestinian poet and an Italian journalist help five Palestinians and Syrians reach Sweden and evade border security. How? By faking a wedding, of course!

March 23rd, Remake Remix Rip-Off: A testament to the prolific, low-budget Turkish film industry of the 1970s with tales of its appropriation of Hollywood blockbusters, interplay with Turkish culture, and political fall-out, as told by the directors, producers, and actors who made the magic happen.

April 13th, The Wanted 18: This film combines stop-motion animation, interviews, original drawings, and archival footage to bring to life one of the strangest chapters in the history of the Israeli-Palestine conflict: the search for 18 bovines through military mancowhunt.

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