A Closer Look at the Journal of Middle East Women's Studies

April 24, 2018





We’re excited to celebrate International Women’s Day on March 8, as well as Women’s History Month, by spotlighting the Journal of Middle East Women’s Studies (JMEWSthroughout March. JMEWS is the official journal of the Association for Middle East Women’s Studies. This interdisciplinary journal advances the fields of Middle East gender, sexuality, and women’s studies through the contributions of academics, artists, and activists from around the globe working in the interpretive social sciences and humanities.

Interested in reading more? Here are the top ten most frequently read articles from JMEWS from the past year:

“There were so many misconceptions, so many negative stereotypes out there about men [and] women that we felt that the journal had a very important political role to play. There was clearly a need out there for a journal that could be used in many different ways—not just among the scholars of Middle East women’s studies, but for an ever-growing audience, a readership, of people who really wanted to know what’s going on for men and women, for straight and LGBTQ studies, in the Middle East.”

—from the interview with miriam cooke