Jasur Magazine / مجلّة جسور

by Yoshi (Aisha Al-Ali), c. 2022.

Jasur means bold, brave, and courageous in Arabic (جَسور), Persian (جسور), and Turkish (çesur) .

The current executive board chose this name in keeping with our founding mission of providing students with a platform for critical engagement with issues in the MENA region. To us, true critical engagement can only come through relationships, both across physical space––between students at different universities, in the U.S., the Arab World, Turkey, Iran, Pakistan, etc.–– as well as across cultures. This kind of bridge-building requires courage: the courage to withhold judgements, to admit ignorance, to abandon presuppositions, and to be honest with one another. 

Jasur is run primarily by students at Duke University and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, but welcomes contributions from students around the world.



President – Rebecca Eneyni

Editor-in-Chief – Jasper Schutt

Magazine Editor – Manon Fuchs

Design Editor – Cate Knothe

Vice President – Rose Naderi

Arabic Editor – Eleyan Sawafta

Turkish Editor – Müşerref Çetinkaya


Arielle Stern

Matthew Salfity

Willow Taylor Chiang Yang

Vishal Jammulapati



Hadeel Hamoud – President

Hannah Kaplon – Editor-in-Chief

Ava Erfani – Associate Editor-in-Chief

Gianna Affi – Vice President

Grayson Real – Magazine Editor

Founding Team

Giacomo McCarthy – Editor-in-Chief 2019-2020

Bryan Rusch – President 2018-2020

Phoebe O’Hara – Editor-in-Chief 2018-2019

Masha Feingold – Illustrator 2018-2020

Josh Curtis – Vice President 2018-2019