Middle East Studies Graduate Working Group virtual events

Duke University is committed to supporting strong programs in Middle East Studies and Islamic Studies distinguished by Duke's characteristic interdisciplinary and comparative approach to scholarship. In recent years, our traditional strength in humanities has been complemented by the addition of social science faculty, courses and students.

The Graduate School does not offer advanced degrees in Middle East studies or Islamic Studies. Instead, our faculty and graduate students pursue their studies within departments where they specialize in the study of Islam and the Middle East.

We are excited to announce the foundation of the Duke Middle East Graduate Seminar. This semester, the working group will be organizing a series of talks and paper workshops for faculty and graduate students at Duke whose research addresses the Middle East and North Africa. 

The Duke Middle East Studies Center is also working with the Religions and Public Life at the Kenan Institute for Ethics. This working group brings together graduate and professional students and postdocs to workshop works-in-progress, brainstorm applications of one another’s research to current affairs, and contribute to one another’s interdisciplinary professional development. Students can get involved in the annual conference and summer workshop:

International Network for Interreligious Research and Education website

Kenan Ethics Graduate Student Working Group on Religions and Public Life

To learn more about working graduate groups and opportunities, email: